API documentation

We have an API available so you can integrate this service with your application and directly check results without needing to carry out web scraping. It's simple, you need only add the email to the "q" parameter (preferably with urlencode) and the system will return the results in JSON format.

Correct call with results

Call: https://hacked-emails.com/api?q=freeman@hotmail.com
     "status": "found",
     "query": "freeman@hotmail.com",
     "results": 75,
     "data": [
            "source_id": "4033",
            "source_url": "http://siph0n.net/exploits.php?id=4033", //original link
            "source_lines": 19265, //text lines from the original document 
            "source_size": 2721878, //size in bytes of the document
            "source_network": "clearnet", //network to which it belongs
            "source_provider": "siph0n", //site
            "verified": false, //is it a confirmed leak?
            "title": "Multiple Dating/Marriage Websites (9)",
            "author": "smitz",
            "date_created": "2015-09-04T20:02:48+02:00", //date indexed
            "date_leaked": "2015-09-04T00:00:00+02:00", //date of leak
            "emails_count": 7744, //emails found
            "details": "https://hacked-emails.com/leak/siph0n-4033"        
        }, {
            "source_url": "http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=Ujma8Rw0",
            "source_lines": 2926,
            "source_size": 86983,
            "source_network": "clearnet",
            "source_provider": "pastebin",
            "title": "Untitled",
            "author": "a guest ",
            "date_created": "2015-08-31T13:40:03+02:00",
            "date_leaked": "2015-08-31T10:36:42+02:00",
            "emails_count": 1683,
            "verified": false,
            "details": "https://hacked-emails.com/leak/pb-Ujma8Rw0"

Correct call without results

Call: https://hacked-emails.com/api?q=meloinvento@hotmail.com 
     "status": "notfound",
     "query": "meloinvento@hotmail.com",
     "results": 0,
     "data": []

Incorrect call

Call: https://hacked-emails.com/api?q=malformado@@@hotmail.com
Reply:  {
     "status": "badsintax",
     "query": "malformado@@@hotmail.com",
     "results": 0,
     "data": []