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When attackers compromise the security of a website and succeed in producing a data leak, the information typically surfaces on websites and forums that allow anonymous publishing of data. By constantly monitoring these sites we manage to stay on top of email leaks as they take place. This is helpful to mitigate the damage to privacy leaks, identity theft, account takeover, phishing, social engineering, etc.

This site will anonymously cross check email address against all these sites, along with those obtained from the white hat security community.

We take your privacy seriously. Once you submit your email to check, we will send a verification link back to the email you provided. We will only store your email during the verification process. Once you click on the link to verify your request, we will show you any matching exposures to that email. Please note, it will automatically expire within 24 hours.

If your email address comes up positive for any breach, this does not mean that your security has been compromised. We use an automatic process but verification requires review by a human being. Take a look at the published information and check the real impact it has on your email.

  • 22 Jun
    [pastebin] Emails + Users leak data - Aviatomining.com
    Emails: 39 Size: 1.3 KB
  • 22 Jun
    [pastebin] Untitled
    Emails: 17 Size: 557 bytes
  • 22 Jun
    [pastebin] Untitled
    Emails: 197 Size: 6.0 KB
  • 22 Jun
    [pastebin] Babyoil
    Emails: 125 Size: 4.0 KB
  • 22 Jun
    [pastebin] Untitled
    Emails: 213 Size: 125.9 KB
  • 22 Jun
    [pastebin] cuentas tidal music streaming :V, no change pass
    Emails: 15 Size: 1.3 KB
  • 22 Jun
    [pastebin] Login Farfetch mec mec
    Emails: 27 Size: 2.3 KB
  • 22 Jun
    [pastebin] 11
    Emails: 14 Size: 127.1 KB
  • 22 Jun
    [pastebin] Untitled
    Emails: 38 Size: 2.2 KB
  • 22 Jun
    [pastebin] spotify premium, no cambien pass alv :V
    Emails: 50 Size: 4.6 KB
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